Dining/Grille Room

We have recently updated the calendar for our webpage and would love for you to make your reservations there! To do so, choose the meal you would like reservations for from the "Calendar At A Glance" on the right hand side of the homepage.

You can also choose the meal you would like reservations for from the Calendar Tab at the top of your webpage. There will then be the option to "Register for Event". (Note that online reservations must be made at least a day ahead. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.) You will receive a confirmation email from the club when making reservations online. Please note: all dinner take out orders must be placed no later than 5pm and picked up no later than 6pm.

Our dining room is busier than ever, so  in order to better serve us all, reservations are necessary.  Please make sure you call ahead to ensure the best dining experience for you, your guests, as well as other members.  By doing this, you will avoid the issues of having to wait for a table or for your food.  Keep in mind, without a reservation, you may be delayed. 

Don't forget about these Important Notes when joining us in the Grille Room.

"Let us give you a dining experience you will never forget."



Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Please email
or call 484.654.2711
to make reservations.
Grille Room Hours


Closed (off-season)

Closed (off-season)

Thursday & Friday
11:30am - 3pm
5:30pm - 8:30pm
10am - 3pm
10am - 4pm
5pm - 8:30pm